Turbo 3.0 Shipping Update

A long time coming with many Porsche enthusiasts anxiously (and patiently) awaiting its arrival, the Turbo 3.0 book is nearly here. The individually numbered Turbo 3.0: Limited Edition and the very special Turbo 3.0: Publisher's Edition books will begin shipping from the United States in early March 2018 to those who pre-ordered the book prior to November 15, 2017. Pre-orders placed after November 15, 2017 will begin shipping 4+ weeks later in batches based on the original payment date for the order. If you haven't already, place your pre-order now before the pre-order reduced pricing ends February 2018.

Shipping Schedule

Payment Date Estimated Ship Date from USA Limited Edition
Pre-order Price
Publisher's Edition
Pre-order Price
Pre-orders before November 15, 2017 March 2018 $340 USD (15% discount) $530 USD (10% discount)
Pre-orders Nov 16, 2017 — Jan 31, 2018 Late March 2018 $340 USD (15% discount) $530 USD (10% discount)
Pre-orders Feb 1 — March 15 Mid April 2018 $395 USD $595 USD
Orders March 16 onwards Late April 2018 $395 USD $595 USD

See the FAQ for more info. 

We still have copies of the award-winning Carrera 2.7: Limited Edition book available for shipping from both United States and, for European customers, our supply in Germany. The above photo highlights the size differences between each Carrera 2.7 and Turbo 3.0 editions, with each slightly taller than the next.