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Can I pre-order the Turbo 3.0 book?

When will the Turbo 3.0 book ship?

When do you charge my credit card for Turbo 3.0 book pre-orders?

Is there an errata available for the Carrera 2.7 book?

Can I get the book number that matches my Turbo or Carrera's chassis number?

Can I request a low book serial number?


How long will it take to receive my order?

Where do you ship from?

How are your shipping and handling costs calculated?

How are taxes and VAT handled?

What is the return policy?


I have an issue with my order, who do I contact?

Do you offer a Pre-Order Price Guarantee?

I am an EU book reseller or vendor with a VAT number, how can I order?

Does Parabolica Press offer wholesale discounts for booksellers?


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