Turbo 3.0 Book — Photos Needed

February 20, 2017

Interested in contributing to the upcoming Turbo 3.0 book? It takes a generous community to produce comprehensive books on such a focused topic. Have a question you would love to see answered by the book? We can't promise it will be in there, but send it our way!

We are always looking for period photographs as well as photos of unusual original details on the 3.0-liter Turbos. If you have interesting material to contribute, lease send details to info@parabolicapress.com. Some notable photos we are still looking for:

  • period photos of Turbos displayed at the dealership
  • period photos of Turbos being delivered at dealerships or with the new owner's on delivery day
  • Porsche booth at motor shows (1974 London, 1975 Geneva, 1975 AutoRAI Amsterdam, 1975 Turin)
  • obscure Porsche advertisements featuring the Turbo (NOT from US/Canada/UK/Germany)
  • period 1975–1980 photos of 3.0-liter Turbos racing or rallying
  • unusual paddock or detail photographs of Martini Carrera RSR Turbo 2.14
  • photos of Turbos being painted at the factory

 Additionally, looking for detail photos:

  • English language interior decals on Japanese delivered 911/930s (e.g. "HORN", etc)
  • serial number tag on original 1976-77 tag turbocharger
  • rear parcel shelf speaker on 1975–76 models
  • close up of dash speaker grill on a 1975 leather dash
  • 1975 muffler tip from early 930/50 engine (on car)
  • rest-of-world 1976 Turbo timing decal on fan assembly
  • original underbody painting and overspray marks
  • rocker panel texture close ups (1975 and 1976)
  • original rear fog light assemblies mounted on the car
  • Italian market white front reflectors
  • early 1976 model year aluminum chassis tag inside trunk fender (without DGM)
  • 1977 beige pinstripe velour interior photo
  • Blaupunkt Bamberg microphone mounted in 1976 model year

If your Turbo has any of the above details and you'd be interested in contributing a photo, please contact info@parabolicapress.com and I can send example photos to use as a guide for photographing details.  Thank you for your help!

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