February 07, 2016

Oldtimer Markt review – February 2016 (German)

English translation of the German magazine Oldtimer Markt's review of the Carrera 2.7 book from their February 2016 issue:

Carrera 2.7 - most non-Porsche Aficionados shrug at this particular 911. These are (at least in the embodiment discussed herein with mechanical fuel injection) to the successor to the now highly traded Carrera RS Touring, in whose shadow he always slightly went down. The combination of Heckbürzel and safety bumpers was one and a half years the top model in the Porsche company, before the turbo came. Since it was only a matter of time before a car even this special version of Zuffenhauseners accepted. Here the result is a truly magnificent book - and not just because of the loving presentation with linen cover and a sturdy slipcase. No, the real pounds of this new standard work is the unconditional reproduction of even the smallest details of knowledge about Carrera 2.7. Tasting complacent? Did you know that the holes in the roof lining pattern in the original hexagonal and are arranged in a square? Or how the equipment card by Huschke von Hanstein personal Carrera looked? That tool kit was 1975 and 1976 fitted differently? In here it is, and much more. Since no questions remain unanswered.