enero 31, 2018

Turbo 3.0 Book Production Videos

The following two videos share a glimpse into the extremely high-quality printing the Turbo 3.0 book. We have worked hard with our pre-press and printing partners to push the boundaries of printing. During pre-press we utilized advanced techniques including custom wide-gamut CMYK profiles, sampling techniques to optimize each photo for maximum print quality, and automatic color correction adjust each photo to accurately account for the physical color tone of the actual paper. 

During printing, special wide-gamut CMYK inks were used to get more tonal range out of each photo, the printing plates were produced with a 15μm stochastic random screen to significantly improve rendering of minute details when looking closely at a photo, and three different spot varnishes were used across the book. No expense was spared in ensuring the quality of book was as exceptional as the care and quality that goes into each car Porsche produces.

The first video shows a press operator removing one of the high-resolution stochastic screened signatures to do a quality control check.


The second video shows how an automated machine folds all the pages from one of the 12-page signatures. There are 45 distinct signatures that must be folded and sewn together to produce the Turbo 3.0 book.