octubre 30, 2015

Carrera 2.7 Book Update (October 30, 2015)

Printing has Finished

With a new batch of paper delivered, the presses could finally start rolling last week. As of this week, all pages of the Carrera 2.7 book have now been printed and are enroute to the book binder for cutting, assembling, stitching, and preparation for binding. Next week, the individual sections of the book will be bound together into a book with the linen cover. Slipcase production and hot foiling of various exterior design elements will begin shortly thereafter with only a few steps after that before we can start preparing to ship out books.

First Wave Shipping Plan

Our first batch of books destined to those who placed pre-orders will ship directly to customers in Europe and the rest-of-the-world (excluding North America) in just a few weeks from now. We have begun charging credit cards in preparation for shipping and working to resolve any failed transactions. If your credit card has been declined, please fix as-soon-as-possible so your order is not delayed.

Shipments of pre-orders in North America will be happen several weeks after European deliveries as the books must travel across the Atlantic and go through customs before they can be distributed here.

Don't Delay Your Order!

For those who have been waiting until the book is actually available before purchasing, don't delay too long if you want your books in the first wave of shipments. We have had significant demand for the book already and will still be accepting pre-orders through next week, but at some point after that new orders will go into the second wave of shipments. This second batch of shipments will begin a month or so later with books likely arriving after Christmas.