März 26, 2018

Turbo 3.0 Book Shipping Update

We air freighted in several pallets of Turbo 3.0: Publisher Edition books late last month and have shipped out at least one book for every pre-order placed before November 1, 2017. Within those pallets a few Turbo 3.0: Limited Editions arrived, and those were shipped out to the very earliest orders from last May 2017.

Another small batch of Publisher Edition books arrived in Seattle this week and will be shipped out over the next few days. Mid-April an air freight of 120 books arrives into Seattle International Airport, mostly Limited Editions, and will be shipped out to those who pre-ordered last Summer and Fall. In May, the container ship will arrive in at the Port of Seattle with the remainder of the books which will go out to the remaining pre-orders.

Your patience will be well rewarded. The Turbo 3.0 book shaped up to be an exceptional book which we think is unparalleled to any of the 400+ automotive books in our library. Anxiously awaiting? See what the very first readers think in their reviews of the book.