Turbo 3.0 (Publisher's Edition)

Ryan Snodgrass

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Porsche's First Turbocharged Supercar

The mid-1970s were dark times for the automotive industry, and darker still for those passionate about high-performance cars. Manufacturers worldwide, struggling to comply with new emissions and safety regulations, were finding it difficult to produce cars capable of delivering a satisfying driving experience. With one or two exceptions—very expensive models built in minute quantities—none did. The cars produced in these years were at best compromised; most were simply dreadful. The OPEC oil embargo had just turned everything upside down while safety and emissions standards were strangling performance and stifling innovation from manufacturers. It was an atmosphere of complete and utter despair, as though all had been lost. Then—out of nowhere—Porsche dropped a bombshell, announcing a turbocharged series production supercar that not only met regulatory requirements but also delivered blistering performance. The 3.0-liter Turbo was an instant sensation, inspiring enthusiasts from every corner of the world and offered hope that perhaps there was still a future for performance cars. While other manufacturers made attempts to build a turbocharged series production car, none were produced in significant numbers or were commercially viable, other than BMW with the briefly available 2002 Turbo. Porsche's 3.0-liter Turbo was that and more…becoming the first successful turbocharged production car that not only exhibited bulletproof reliability and satisfied regulators, but also ran like a bat out of hell. Porsche's Turbo became THE car of the 1970s and 80s, forever cementing enthusiasm for the Porsche marque among those who came of age during that era. Having entered the popular lexicon, merely mentioning the word “turbo” in the decades that followed brought only one thought to mind: Porsche. The 3.0-liter Turbo is unquestionably the car that raised public perception and established Porsche as a top-tier manufacturer.

Other Editions: Limited Edition

Parabolica Press's second book—Turbo 3.0—dives deep into the development, production and mystique behind the three years of Porsche's 3.0-liter Turbo produced from 1975 to 1977. The book continues the theme of being carefully researched using the Porsche factory archives, private collections, period documentation and intensive study. In an attempt to cover everything an owner, restorer, historian or enthusiast would want to know about the dawn of Porsche’s turbocharged supercar, the Turbo 3.0 book includes a considerable amount of material never before published. For example: comprehensive discussions of original options, close-up photos of key details, scenes from factory production, coverage of special one-off models and period motorsports. This exhaustive volume not only covers the privateer racing exploits of the 3.0-liter Turbo, but also the development of production-based turbocharged race cars by examining the Carrera RSR Turbo 2.14 and Turbo RSR 934/934.5. Additionally, it includes interviews with factory engineers, development drivers and racing pilots involved with the development of Porsche's original Turbo. This is the definitive book about the immortal 3.0-liter Turbo and it is essential reading for anyone who has ever owned, driven or simply lusted after Porsche's first supercar.

Publisher's Edition Specifics

The exclusive Publisher's Edition of the Turbo 3.0 book is offered in a numbered series limited to just 300 copies. The Publisher's Edition differs from the standard Limited Edition with several unique and extra special surprise features included within a bespoke clamshell box designed specifically for the Publisher's Edition. Additionally, the Publisher's Edition carries on Parabolica Press's theme of offering a “Behind the Scenes” look into aspects for how each book is produced. For the Turbo 3.0 book, the Behind the Scenes supplement continues where the Carrera 2.7 Publisher's Edition Supplement left off by exploring the deep research necessary to produce books at this level, peering through the viewfinder of several photographers and, finally, understanding how the artistic concept becomes reality of several commissioned illustrations.


  • Publisher's Edition / 300 copies (compare)
  • 536 pages / hardcover with bespoke clamshell box
  • 1,508 photos: 1,113 color, 315 B&W, 60 illustrations (745 never before published)
  • 11 ¼ × 13 ¼ inches (28.6 × 33.7 cm) / 13.5 lbs (6.1 kg)
  • Author: Ryan Snodgrass
  • Art Director: Richard Baron
  • Cover Art: Guy Allen
  • Retail Price: $595 USD (excluding tax/VAT/duty/shipping)
  • Estimated European Price: 599 EUR (including VAT/duty)
  • Available exclusively from Parabolica Press at parabolicapress.com
  • Published: August 2018 by Parabolica Press
  • ISBN: 978-0-9962682-6-4
  • Errata Available

Table of Contents

Turbo 3.0 Table of Contents
  1. Turbocharging Roots
    • Evolution of forced induction
    • Engineering development
    • How turbochargers work
  2. Porsche Turbo Arrives
    • Turbo 3.0 unveiling
    • Performance data Production numbers
  3. Drivetrain
    • Engine development
    • Turbocharger system
    • Transmission
  4. Rolling Chassis
    • Suspension development
    • Brakes
    • Wheels and tires
  5. Body
    • Production process
    • Flares, tails and equipment
    • Paint colors
  6. Interior
    • Seats, belts and trim
    • Upholstery development and materials
    • Driver controls and accessories
  7. Special Models
    • Prototypes
    • Motor Show introductions
    • Style Porsche Studio specials
  8. Racing
    • Carrera RSR Turbo 2.14
    • Privateer Turbo 3.0 racing
    • 934/934.5 development
    • Homologation paperwork
  9. Accessories
    • Delivery items
    • Tool kits
    • Luggage
  10. Literature
    • Owner’s manuals
    • Technical/service publications
    • Marketing material
  11. Production Data
    • Production records
    • Assembly line changes
  12. Appendices
    • Equipment
    • Bibliography
    • Acknowledgements
    • Photo Credits
Publisher's Edition Special Features

The Turbo 3.0: Publisher's Edition is protected within a velour lined clamshell box with both a 20-page Behind the Scenes supplement as well as an "Parabolica Archives" archival folder. Included within the folder are various reproductions of original source documents, photographs, slides, contact sheets and other material discovered during research for the Turbo 3.0 book.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Richard L.
Turbo 3.0 is truly a landmark Porsche book and will set the standard for years to come.

I’ve had Ryan Snodgrass’s new Turbo 3.0 book for a couple of weeks and I’m still not even half way through the material - simply incredible! I confess that I previewed some of the chapters in advance during draft reviews but when it arrived, I was astounded just how much material I had not seen before and how well it is organized. Chapters begin with awe-inspiring glossy photo prints that hint at the mind boggling material inside. This is no ordinary book with chapters that include part and publication reference numbers that will have 3 liter Turbo owners (or potential future buyers) pulling it off the shelf as “the” ultimate reference source in months and years to come. The exhaustive production record section includes details of every 3-liter Turbo ever made. As an example, if you wonder (like I did) just how many 3-liter Turbos had light red interiors, you can find it here…just do the research yourself with the production record section and then go for a deep dive in the interior section with never before seen details of the leather color and fabrics. For those who wisely purchase the Publisher’s edition, the Turbo 3.0 card/thumb drive and special book supplement by itself is worth the price of admission; but of course, like everything else about this book, there is so much more!

Bruce P.
Exceeds the already remarkable benchmark set by his Carrera 2.7 book by a significant margin

I had the opportunity to examine the first copy of Ryan's latest book , the Turbo 3.0. The Turbo book exceeds the already remarkable benchmark set by his Carrera 2.7 book by a significant margin. He tells the story of the 930 Turbo in exacting detail, from Porsche's first work with turbocharging and the early prototypes through series production (and ongoing changes) to the 934 and 934.5 race cars. It should become an indispensable resource for the collector, restorer and enthusiast and it is absolutely beautiful to behold. The production quality is to (Porsche) museum standards.

Here is the clincher: the book includes a listing of every 3 liter Turbo produced by chassis number with original colors and factory equipment. Absolutely mind-blowing. I can't imagine that any single marque/model book will ever attain or exceed this level of excellence. It will without question become the standard reference work for the 3 liter 930 (and for the cars that followed), and is destined to become one of the true Porsche essentials. Seriously it's that good. BTW it weighs ten pounds.

Dan K.
Words can't describe

I thought the 2.7 Carrera book was amazing. But the 3.0 Turbo book knocks it right out of the park! I cannot believe the detail that went into everything from cover to cover. I have a Turbo 3.0 and looked it up it all the information was right there! I have about 50 + books on Porsche this one is right at the top of the list. I have never seen such an exhaustive amount of research go into a book on a particular model such as this. Truly unbelievable!

Georg D.F.
Superb !

Once again, Ryan has been doing an outstanding job describing the Porsche Turbo 3.0 in historical perspective as well as in every possible technical detail.
Ryan choses the same structure as in his superbly done Carrera 2.7 publication. I could not imagine any book on any Porsche whatsoever that brings more background and details to life. It doesn't lack any kind of information that one wishes to obtain on an early turbo - there is nothing comparable on the market, which makes the publication THE reference book for the early Turbo.
Can't wait for Ryan to embark on a new project (which I am sure he's already contemplating).
Three thumbs up, Georg

Nathan S.
Turbo book is awesome!

What an amazing book. Such a great compliment to the Carrera 2.7 book. A must have for any turbo enthusiast. I only purcHsed it because of how nice the Carrera book was and I knew that it would be a great resource for my 76-77 Carrera 3.0’s with respect to many similarities on body and interior options. Only complaint is that it’s so nice and so big that I was too worried of damaging it while reading. No suggestions on how to have addressed this. Great job!

Spektakuläre Würdigung eines spektakulären Sportwagens

Der Porsche Turbo 3.0 trieb selbst Jahre später der hartgesottenen Truppe von "Top Gear" die Schweißperlen auf die Stirn: Zu überraschend-unbändig verhielt sich das Geschoss. Erst ein Jahrzehnt später sollte es Ferrari mit dem F40 gelingen, ein ähnlich animalisches Auto zu konstruieren. Aber während der Ferrari F40 viele angemessene literarische Würdigungen erfuhr, fehlte bisher ein Buch, das dem Charisma des Turbo gerecht geworden wäre. Diese Lücke, größer als das Turboloch, schließt nun endlich das vorliegende Werk.

Die Preisgestaltung ist dabei ähnlich atemberaubend wie seinerzeit bei dem Sujet des Buchs. Aber schon der erste Eindruck macht klar: Der Preis ist gerechtfertigt für ein derart hochwertig verarbeitetes und umfassend recherchiertes Buch.

Zugegeben: Die schiere Wucht der mehr als 1.500 Bilder und unüberschaubaren Faktenmenge erschlägt einen zunächst. Man muss sich Zeit nehmen für dieses Buch, das sicherlich nicht dafür geeignet ist, von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite gelesen zu werden. Es ist ein wunderbares Werk zum Kreuz- und Querstöbern und ein Kompendium, das jedem Restaurator auf der Suche nach Angaben zur Originalität eines Fahrzeugs weiterhelfen dürfte.

Kurzum: Ein Kauf sei dringend empfohlen.

Turbo 3.0 Publishers Edition

What an Epic Book, Lucky enough to have the 2.7 Book, But stretched to the Publishers Edition for the 3.0 Turbo Book, partly down to Kerry Morse’s Review, So Glad I did, I have a decent Porsche Library in my mind But the detail and extras that come with this is Wonderful, If you’re reading this and still don’t own a copy of either, Do yourself a favour and just buy it, If you’re lucky enough to purchase the Publishers Edition this will go down as one of your most valued books and can only appreciate in value, This is something I will be glad to pass on to my Daughter

Patrice R.
Five stars Porsche book

Just received and already on the top of my Porsche books collection next to the 2.7 Carrera. Design, printing, layout, photos and fantastic research.
Well done to Ryan Snodgrass and his team, you've done again.
Any hints on the next one ?
Best regards from the South of France.

Rolf S.
THE definitive reference for the 930 Turbo

Congratulations Ryan ! Awesome insights to the 930 Turbo for simple mortals like me. Tremendeous work and analysis provided. Unmatched !
Also, as caretaker of the Le Mans 1975 class winning 930 Turbo (chapter 8 "Racing"), it was a tremendeous honour for me to work with Ryan on exchanging knowledge and pure enthusiasm.
Thank you Ryan !

Stephen S.
Stunning book... a worthy successor to Ryan’s last superb homage to some very special cars

The quality of the printing and writing and research Ryan has undertaken for this book are phenomenal... it is a standout publication and I cannot recommend it highly enough...