Errata - Turbo 3.0 Book

While we tried very hard to ensure there are no mistakes in our books, it is impossible to avoid in any publication especially as new information and additional research surfaces after printing. As a responsible publisher, we actively collect and acknowledge corrections for every Parabolica Press title to ensure book owners always have the most up-to-date and correct knowledge.

The following are corrections and clarifications for the Turbo 3.0 book by Ryan Snodgrass. If you have discovered a mistake, please send the details to including the page number and a description of what you found.

Last revised August 17, 2023.

Page Change
53 In March 1977, the Turbo 3.0 price in the Netherlands rose to ƒ97,750, coinciding with Porsche AG raising its prices in Germany.
171 As an aside, the only Turbo 3.0 930 chassis ordered without a whale tale and fitted with a standard rear engine lid was 930 570 0162. To compensate for this change in aerodynamics, the rubber front spoiler was also not fitted. Though, the first few 930s left the assembly line without whale tails and were temporarily fitted with standard engine lids. See page 265 of Turbo 3.0 book for 930 570 0016 without tail parked outside the Porsche factory awaiting its final whale tail.

The 911 Turbo Show Car was actually delivered to Alan Hamilton as LHD (not as RHD conversion by factory as noted in the book). Photos showing him racing it in period clearly show it was still in RHD. Reportedly, Hamilton did not convert it to RHD until it was sold to the next owner. Based on photos from the 1976 Melbourne Auto Show, it was still LHD in March 1976. Additionally, it is unclear whether the 911 Turbo Show Car photos were taken at the 1974 40th Melbourne Auto Show or the 1974 Sydney Motor Show, this is pending confirmation.

267 Style Porsche had wanted to introduce a high-end patina/fade effect as a production option to show off the curves of the Turbo. The first test car was 1975 Turbo 3.0 930 570 0022 with a standard black paint base followed by several coats of paint and clear to produce a gold-bronze patina effect.
275 The 1975 Corina Piéch Turbo 930 570 0204 was the second test of the gold-bronze patina effect, with some changes to the formulas and process. Unfortunately it proved way too expensive of a process to ever offer customers, as the body must be painted the base color, then hand painted with bronze metallic/glitter while wet, then with metallic flakes in a first layer of clear coat, and then clear coated again.
284 The first Vasek Polak 1975 Turbo VIN should be listed in the body text as 930 570 0047, not 930 570 0057. The photo captions correctly list 0047.
308 Dr. Fuhrmann's narrow Carrera bodied Turbo option table incorrect listed M650. Instead this should have been M571 for a single rear fog light. The raw data for chassis 930 770 0262 on page 479 correctly lists M571 without M650.
470 930 680 0112, 930 680 0129, and 930 680 0142 had incorrect interior 77, should have been 72 (russet with MacLaughlan tartan).
475 930 680 0522 has now been identified as paint-to-sample VW Ancona Blue (395-9-3) with an all blue interior.
492 For 1977 USA Turbo Carreras 930 780 0423–0428 the date of productions should have been listed as 2/77 instead of 2/76.
580 Summary specifications table accidentally lists 930 crankcase as magnesium instead of aluminum. The specifications table in the Engine chapter (page 87) correctly lists the crankcase as aluminum.