März 28, 2016

Liebe zu Ihm Carrera 2.7 Book Review – March 2016

Liebe zu Ihm (Love for the Porsche) published the following review of the Carrera 2.7 book in March 2016:

From time to time, there's a new book published that excels in about everything. Style, design, research, the passion it is written with. Carrera 2.7 by Ryan Snodgrass definitely belongs in the list of these absolutely stunning books that should be in the library of any self declared Porsche fan.

The legendary 1973 Porsche Carrera RS has been the subject of many books. However, its successor has been ignored from a long time when it comes to decent specialized literature. Now the gap has finally been closed.

The author, Ryan Snodgrass, has spent hours and hours researching period literature and documentation, private collections. Combine this with the support of the Porsche Archives, and the result is a book that literally contains anything you would want to know about the Porsche 2.7 Carrera.

Not only brings the author lots of detail about anything that led to the development of the Porsche Carrera 2.7 to continue history up to the last production model, including the 'Sonderwunschen' cars that have been built. The extensive lists on chassis numbers, engine numbers, specifications, together with the hundreds of never published before pictures, both b/w and color, and the dozens of charts and publications make this book  the ultimate source to research when restoring a car.

Only superlatives for this book. A must have for any Porsche collector. Better be quick, only 2500 copies of the blue Limited Edition are available. The book will probably sell out completely and become a collectible exactly as the first Carrera RS edition by Konradsheim.