December 30, 2015

#1 on Total 911's "2016 'MUST READ' LIST"

The new Carrera 2.7 book was listed in the #1 spot on Total 911's "2016 'MUST READ' LIST" in issue #135: 

"This limited edition tome, of which 2,500 numbered copies have been printed, tells the complete story of the Carrera 2.7, a car relatively unknown compared to its similar-engined RS predecessor. Expertly researched and written by Ryan Snodgrass, this comprehensive compendium gives Carrera 2.7 fans and owners all the information they will ever need."

Total 911 magazines's 2016 "MUST READ" book list:

1. Carrera 2.7 by Ryan Snodgrass
2. Carrera RS by Georg Konradsheim & Thomas Gruber
3. Porsche Turbo by Randy Leffingwell
4. Porsche Sounds by Dieter Landenberger
5. The Complete Book of Porsche by Randy Leffingwell
6. Porsche Drive by Jan Baedeker