November 04, 2018

2018 RAC Specialty Motoring Book of the Year Results

While the Turbo 3.0 book did not win, it was an exceptional honor to just have been shortlisted for the 2018 Royal Automobile Club's nominees for Specialty Motoring Book of the Year.

Congratulations to the winning author Karl Ludvigsen and publisher Evro Publishing Ltd for producing an excellent book and taking home the prestigious RAC award with "Reid Railton: Man of Speed. The RAC event was a fantastic assembly of automotive industry leaders, publishers and authors; with spirited discussions on the future of book printing, contrasted with the expansive history of the automobile. During the awards presentation, Ben Horton—one of the RAC judges and owner of Hortons Books—stated "Ryan Snodgrass' masterpiece is the future of automotive publishing."

Producing a work such as the Turbo 3.0 could never happen alone. Thank you to the countless number of supporters, but especially Richard Baron for the art direction and layout of the Turbo 3.0; illustrator Guy Allen for the cover art; Christoph Mäder for setting Parabolica Press's design direction with our first Carrera 2.7 book; Guy Morrison, Claus Scheucher, Michael Furman, Randy Wells, and numerous other photographers for splendid imagery; artist Makoto Ouchi for the highly technical bespoke cutaway of the 1975 Turbo; Jurgen Bärth for writing the foreword; Jonathan A. Stein and Mary Snodgrass for critical editing of both books; the exceptional support and encouragement from Dieter Landenberger, Jens Torner, Tobias Mauler and the rest of the Porsche Museum Archives; proofreaders Richard D. J. Hill, Nathan Merz, Chris Powell, among others; Stephanie and Gary from iocolor prepress/printing; and all the enthusiasts and fans on forums worldwide who participated in discourse affirming—as well as busting—myths of the 930 Turbo.

With the release of the Turbo 3.0 book, I believe the "proof is in the pudding" and we have achieved our goal of dramatically raising the bar for automotive—and all—historical books moving forward.