Carrera 2.7 Book – Errata

While we tried very hard to ensure there are no mistakes in our books, it is impossible to avoid in any publication especially as new information and additional research surfaces after printing. As a responsible publisher, we actively collect and acknowledge corrections for every Parabolica Press title to ensure book owners always have the most up-to-date and correct knowledge.

The following are corrections and clarifications for the Carrera 2.7 book by Ryan Snodgrass. If you have discovered a mistake, please send the details to including the page number and a description of what you found.

Last revised October 16, 2023.

Page Change
13 The black-and-white press photo shoot Carrera plated "S-LM 2025" was painted Orange and appeared in period Porsche photo shoots and videos. Chassis number unknown.
16 The 1975 “Sportfahrschule Porsche” caption should read Dijon-Prenois, France instead of Hockenheim.
81 Caption incorrectly references rear suspension and should instead begin “Front suspension and steering rack being assembled”...
94 Pirelli P7 (M395) option incorrectly stated 215/50 VR 15 rear tires when they should be 225/50 VR 15. Change also applies to Equipment list on page 377.
111 On June 24, 1974, the beginning of 1975 model year production, Porsche had already begun painting the Targa roll hoop for black trim 911s, just not in a black paint which matched the Targa roof (that change in paint formula occurred on September 16, 1974). The initial 1975 model year Targas were first sprayed with a gray Lesonal PVC primer (01-67160) followed by a black paint (04-49500).

The large secondary grill whale tail was introduced early during 1975 Turbo production for AC equipped Turbos.

175 The 25 Year Silver Anniversary rectangle decal was started to be applied late in the 1974 model year and based on period photos, stopping being applied around September 1974. Additionally, the rectangular decal occasionally appeared on the right rear window in addition to the center of the rear window.
176 The Chassis Number Decoder for the 1976 model year should list the “911 S (North America)” as model type 2.
183 Caption for the top photo should reference 1975 Carrera 911 560 0366 instead of referring to it as a Targa.
In the carpet table, the interior code for blue and red Madras were swapped: 41=blue, 43=red
229 Huschke von Hanstein departed Porsche five years earlier in 1969, retiring from his role managing Porsche’s race team, but remaining actively involved in the motorsports community. He maintained a close relationship with Porsche, including receiving Studio car 242 (Carrera 2.7 MFI).

Chassis number should be 911 560 0356  with a 6 instead of the 9 in 590 as printed. Additionally, this appears to be the second “Turbo look” 911, as another Carrera 2.7 received Turbo inspired bodywork prior to this chassis.

235 Rear Fuchs for the Arabian Turbo-look Carrera should be listed as 9J × 15 with 235/60 VR15 tires
253 The actual price for the M405 Carrera 2.7 MFI Sondermodell package was DM 5,600. The base price for the 911 was raised DM 1,400 in February 4, 1976 which was factored into the DM 7,100 estimated package price in the book. Additionally, the M405 package included trombone oil cooler (M412) and antenna with loudspeaker (M440).
The rare blue jack also appeared occasionally during the 1975 model year.
327 The blue air compressor was introduced for rest-of-world 911s sometime during the middle of the 1975 model year, well before the 1976 model year.
332 The light gray toolkit bag was introduced sometime in the middle of the 1975 model year, perhaps as early as January 1975. The transition was unlikely to be exact and black bags like continued to be included for some time as existing stock was used up.
349 Silver Porsche in the “25 Jahre Fahren in seiner schönsten Form” poster should be labeled as 356/1, not as a 550 Spyder.
382 An entry for oil cooler baking on June 26, 1974 was left off and appears instead on page 390.