Dino Compendium (Ferrari 206/246)

Published by Matthias Bartz

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Ferrari Dino 206 GT / 246 GT / 246 GTS

This book categorizes the road vehicles Ferrari Dino 206 GT / 246 GT / 246 GTS and documents the differences between each series, highlights their original features, and points out their unique Pininfarina design. All topics have been extensively researched and are well documented in cases of contentious issues. On 396 pages, divided into 16 chapters and with the help of 711 illustrations, no questions concerning the first road-approved mid-engine Ferrari vehicle are left unanswered. None of Ferrari's vehicle types has ever been described as meticulously or has been presented as attractively as in this publication. Yet the book does address itself not only to owners of a Dino and expert audiences but - with its fabulous illustrations of one of the most beautiful ever built sports cars of all times - will impress all readers with a general interest in automobiles.

It was elaborately produced in Germany, with five-color printing on high quality paper, including a slipcase and partial UV varnishing of the cover.

  • English, 1st Edition
  • 396 pages, hardcover with slipcase
  • 711 photographs and illustrations
  • 31.0 x 25.5 cm
  • 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
  • Author: Matthias Bartz
  • Published: 2011 by Verlag Matthias Bartz
  • ISBN: 978-3981435115
Classic & Sports Car — Book of the Month — March 2012

"The dedication of some owners to favourite cars never ceases to amaze us, and this magnificent book by passionate Dino enthusiast Matthias Bartz is a remarkable piece of work. Since his teenage years, this German Ferrari fan researched the mid-engined, Pininfarina-styled beauty as he saved to buy his first 246 GTS in the late '90s. Now his extensive knowledge has been channelled into this 394-page book, with 16 chapters covering everything from design and development of both 206 and 246. The English text is complemented by a wealth of photographs, including superb studio sets of mint survivors featuring inspired colour choices – such as the rarely seen Verde Germoglio. Racing history, designer biographies, prototypes, factory literature and a full list of chassis numbers are all covered. Designed by the author, and beautifully printed in Germany, this is a lesson in how to produce a one-model book. If – like us – you love Dinos, this superb work is a must-have."

Octane — April 2012

"WE'RE USED TO run-of-the-mill buyer's guides but this is something else entirely. It's beautifully realised, with production values befitting the subject matter, but of course all of this comes at a cost. The thing is, the more you look at it, the more you wonder how Bartz actually managed to produce it for the asking price. The narrative kicks off with the genesis of Ferrari's stand-alone brand, and for once a book on Dinos bothers to namecheck the often unheralded artisans who shaped it – namely Aldo Brovarone and Leonardo Fioravanti. It then provides a generous breakdown of everything from chassis plates to assembly sheets, window cloths to factory key fobs. There are also several lovely archive pics and fantastic studio shots; commendably, none of the cars featured is bedecked with Prancing Horse logos. This really is a superb – and stylish – effort and beyond comprehensive."

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Indispensable for the Dino enthusiast

The Dino Compendium by Matthias Bartz is indispensable for the Dino enthusiast. It raises the bar to new heights, really a remarkable book.