Author Bio – Ryan Snodgrass

Ryan Snodgrass is an automotive enthusiast whose passion for cars has extended to driving, collecting, racing and researching for over two decades. While taking a sabbatical from his trade as a software engineer, he embarked on the journey of writing and self-publishing his first book: Carrera 2.7. A labor of love, the book dives deep into the nuances of Porsche manufacturing in the mid-1970s by examining the mechanically fuel injected Carrera 2.7 MFI produced between 1974 and 1976. 

Having been bitten by the writing bug and established Parabolica Press, Ryan quickly set to work on his second Porsche title, Turbo 3.0. This exhaustive volume attempts to cover everything an owner, restorer, historian or enthusiast would want to know about the dawn of Porsche’s turbocharged supercar. Turbo 3.0 not only covers Porsche's historic 3.0-liter Turbo, but also the development of production-based turbocharged race cars by examining the Carrera RSR Turbo 2.14 and Turbo RSR 934/934.5.

Both books have been meticulously researched using the Porsche factory archives, private collections, period documentation and intensive study and include a considerable amount of material never before published. For example: comprehensive discussions of original options; close-up photos of key details; scenes from factory production; coverage of special one-off models and period motorsports; and interviews with factory engineers, development drivers and racing pilots involved with development. These books are a compendium of knowledge not available anywhere else. Ryan was deeply involved in all aspects of book production from the initial research to the final printing and distribution.

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