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Wholesale Terms

Parabolica Press currently offers the following wholesale terms for bulk book purchases by booksellers. For 2020, we have simplified our tiered discounting model based on the number of books within a single order. This allows wholesale pricing to be available for smaller order quantities as the previous wholesale discounts typically did not apply to orders smaller than four copies. Our wholesale pricing is subject to change in the future without notice. For orders containing more than 25 books, we will arrange special shipping.

As with the Carrera 2.7 book, for European booksellers we have a VERY SMALL supply of Turbo 3.0 books warehoused in Germany to drastically reduce the shipping costs. This comes at a rather large expense in logistics, warehousing, staffing, accounting and tax compliance so the final shipping price roughly splits the difference between what it would have cost to ship a book from the United States and our raw postage cost in Europe.

Carrera 2.7 Wholesale Discounts

in Order
(United States)
Retail $250 €260
1 15% $212.50
(SAVE $37.50)
(SAVE €30)
2 25% $187.50
(SAVE $62.50)
(SAVE €57)
3+ 30% $175.00
(SAVE $75.00)
(SAVE €70)

Only the Carrera 2.7: Limited Edition is eligible for wholesale pricing.

Turbo 3.0 Wholesale Discounts

in Order
(United States)
Retail $395
1 15% $335.75
(SAVE $59.25)
(SAVE €60)
2 25% $296.25
(SAVE $98.75)
(SAVE €100)
(SAVE $118.50)
(SAVE €108)

Only the Turbo 3.0: Limited Edition is eligible for wholesale pricing.


How do you handle shipping for wholesale orders?

On wholesale orders we charge our actual costs for shipping, insurance, fulfillment and some overhead for our costs incurred providing books within Europe as a United States company. This is part of our attempt to keep shipping costs as low as possible for booksellers.

Please note that we have a supply of Carrera 2.7 books in Europe, as it was printed in Germany. However, for the Turbo 3.0 book they are located in the United States. We will have a VERY SMALL supply of books available through our European distributor by July 2018 to help drastically reduced shipping costs for European booksellers compared to shipping from the United States.

Why is the EUR suggested retail price higher than the converted USD suggested retail price?

The suggested retail price in EUR is higher than direct USD conversion as the EUR price includes our added distribution/shipping/operating costs getting books to Europe, as well as conforming to the standard VAT/duty inclusive pricing model in Europe. In the United States, taxes are never included in prices, hence a seemingly lower suggested retail price. In reality, there is very little difference in price for a European customer who buys it in USD (shipped from the USA) and buying in Europe, once all the additional shipping/duty/VAT costs are factored in for USA shipments.

Do you offer wholesale discounts on the Publisher's Editions?

There are no wholesale discounts available for Publisher's Editions of our titles. These editions are designed to be offered exclusively direct from the publisher Parabolica Press and are expected to sell out within a short time after publishing.

How do you handle VAT for European orders?

For VAT compliance, all drop shipped orders sent direct to EU customers from our warehouse in Germany requires the 7% German reduce rate VAT to be charged, even if you (the bookseller) has a VAT tax number. For books that ship from the United States, no VAT will be charged as duty/VAT must be  paid by the customer upon delivery of the books.

Can I drop ship my orders?

For smaller booksellers, we offer the option of drop shipping directly to your customer and invoicing the bookseller. This arrangement must be approved and setup ahead of time. The wholesale pricing for all drop shipped orders is at the single book discount tier. Drop shipping introduces delays in your customer's receiving books, as we need time to prepare the invoice, send the invoice to you, and must receive full payment before any book is shipped.  Expect a 7 day turn around as we cannot expedite this process.

We cannot create custom invoices to be included in the box (you will have to directly send your customer the full invoice).  The books will be packed with an invoice from Parabolica Press that shows the bookseller as the purchaser and the end customer as recipient.  For customs and duty purposes, the price listed on the invoice will be the full suggested retail price of the book. We will provide a table of fixed shipping rates (including insurance) for each region, which will be updated quarterly.

We offer drop shipping only to these regions:

  • United States
  • Canada/Mexico
  • European Union (EU) + Switzerland/Luxembourg
  • United Kingdom
Can I pay with a EUR bank transfer for orders shipped from Europe?

Yes! For paying in Euros, you must email your order to for a special invoice that includes a EUR based quote, which will be valid for seven (7) days. All EUR quotes include an additional 1% to cover the currency conversion fees. Bank instructions are below:

IBAN: DE20 2607 0024 0033 1074 00
To: Ryan Snodgrass

In the notes section of the bank transfer please reference your order number and also please contact us two days after the bank transfer to confirm we have received payment. We do not always check our German Bank account for new transfers.

Wholesale terms are only available to booksellers, Porsche shops and museums who order in large quantities.  If you think you qualify, please email for instructions to access.

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